Cara Download File 4shared Dengan "Premium Account" Gerattiisss...!!

4shared are download / upload files site that are very famous. in it there are so many types of files you can download, for example mp3, games, pictures, and various kinds of software that you can certainly get for free.

However, there are weaknesses which would you feel if you use free accounts. some of which is the waiting time to bring up the download link and usually depends on the size of the file, the greater the longer waiting time. 4shared has a system like that, so 'free members' have limitations for download, like I can not resume, the speed is limited and there is also a waiting time before download. The only way if we do not know the trick is, we are forced to have a premium account, and of course we have to pay for it.

But still, there is a way that we can have access to such premium 4shared FREE. namely with 4shared download generator.
Just Copy the link one to download, paste it in the URL box, then click "generate". And Voila!!!.... The desired file can be downloaded directly with super fast speed and can be resumed!!....

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