Toxicity Test Of Subacute Detergent Surfactant To Gastropoda River

In a few semesters ago, I got the assignment to investigate the effect of surfactant concentration on a few gastropods river. I was with friends at the lab doing experiments in which the use of a species of Melanoides granifera. The following is a summary I can give and for a more complete files you can download it at the link below the summary


Water is an essential requirement for the process of life on this earth. Clean water is highly desirable by most people either for everyday purposes, for industrial purposes, for agricultural purposes and so forth. But today, a lot of water pollution occurs, especially in urban areas. Pollution can be caused by human activity both from household waste, sewage or industrial activity other activities. Household waste is often a problem is a waste of detergent. Tests on toxic materials from wastewater treatment can be performed with sublethal bioassay methods are static acute effects on animals gastropods (Melanoides granifera).

practicum report (. doc files (Indonesian))

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