Simple Understanding About Pinging The Website

Honestly, I got this when I tried to find a way how to get my blog visited by tons of people...:lol:
By the way, there are so many way how to get it, one of them is PING our blog so that, we could get it crawled by the search engine robots like Google had..But if you don’t know what Blog and Ping is, don’t feel bad, because most people don’t.
This is the site where the words I took exist..
For those of you too young or who never got into writing more traditional web pages, basically getting your webpage into Google, Yahoo or other search engines has always been somewhat difficult. The time it takes for your static web site to be indexed by Yahoo for example after you submit it to them without taking up the paying option is around 6 weeks, and sometimes longer. Blogs changed the rules of indexing because where as you use to have to wait for the search engines to index you, all of a sudden bloggers could wave a big red flag with the words “I’m over here” written on it and the search engines would come. Pinging a central server such as meant that a central list was available of blogs that were posting at a given point in time, and the search engine spiders then followed the links on these lists and bingo: your blog gets indexed.
Like calling someone by does the ping thing..
some addresses you can visit the site to begin pinging your site, among others, the following

This is an example page from the web site to ping ping-o-matic. But basically, all the sites to ping the website has a similar interface and everything is easy to apply.

Ping can be considered a way to tell that we update the site to search engines, including Google, Yahoo, etc..So after a webmaster finished updating the website such as inserting a new article then the ping should be made to notify search engines that our site has been updated and is ready to at-index (captured or filtered) return to the search engine so that our website or in particular a new article is inserted can be contained in the search engines and can be viewed by visitors to search engines when searching words related to our website or article earlier.
IMPORTANT: do not often to ping a blog, since your blog will be considered spam and can be deleted by Google, do ping blog if after updating the blog only.

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