hello...welcome to my blog

first of all...this is the fist time I decided to create a blog..I have no idea what I have to say, what I have to share, and what I have to show You about my blog...

but, in the meantime, I was thinking of give another people some informations, about my daily activities, my colleges stuffs, and something like that. I think that what I'm doing by creating a blog is reasonable...when I was in college (Brawijaya University, and I took the Biology program as my major on 2006), I usually search alot of informations to complete my weekly assignments. I had many kind of assignments, such as laboratory reports, presentations, and any others..And VOILA!!...aI got it from people's blogs, although many of my lecturers or my laboratory assistant wouldn't allow that...but, I don't care..because at least, I can get stuffs...so to hell with it...

By the time I post this entry, it means that I am ready blogging....

with all regards,

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