Lymphocytes Isolation From Lymphoid Organs (Immunology Lab Work Report))

By: Praptomo Dwi Waluyo
Biology Study Program, Faculty Mathematics and Science, Brawijaya University

Lymphocytes isolation can be done preceded by antigen injection, booster, and taking the lymphoid organs from the mice. The aim of this laboratory practice are to know about the antigen injection procedure, booster process and lymphocytes isolation from the lymphoid organs in mice. The antigen injected to the mice is E. coli in different number (107, 108 and 109 cells/mL), and the booster done with the same technique in antigen injection a week after the antigen injection. The observation about body weight, physiology, and the number of lymphocyte found was done. The lymphoid organs removed are spleen, thymus, lymph node, mesenteric lymph node and Peyer’s patch. There are slight connection between the antigen concentration added to the mice via intraperitoneal. It can be observed from the body weight during the process (about 2 weeks). It shows the fluctuation of the body weight and shows that the addition 107 cells/ mL give the heavier body weight than 109 cells/mL. Otherwise, the concentration of antigen injected to the mice can not related to the number of lymphocyte counted yet. This is because of the procedural error during the lymphoid organs removal, so that there is no comparation between lymphoid organs withdrawed from the mice.

Keywords: Antigen injection, Booster, Lymphocytes

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