Antibody production and specificity testing Through Antigen-Antibody Reaction by Dot Blot Method

The reaction between antigen and antibody can be observed by various methods, one using a dot blot. The purpose of this lab is to know how to produce and the collection of antibodies, antibody purification by knowing how to use the method of salting out and find out the results of testing the specificity of antibodies by dot blot technique.Procedures performed include the collection and measurement of serum levels of serum proteins, purification and detection of serum antigen-antibody reaction by dot blotting method. Based on lab results showed that the antibodies will bind specifically with antigens.This can be seen from the affinity of a thick dot in the high affinity between the serum with the appropriate antiserum. Affinity is indicated by the density of color intensity. Highest color intensity is on Rat sample 10 (g / ml) for the primary antibody rat anti-rabbit serum with a density of intensity 961,961.4137 per square mm. While the sample has the lowest color intensity in the sample with primary antibodies rabbit anti-rat rabbit serum with intensity density 702,001.5184 per square mm although color also appears on the control. The emergence of color on the control is possibly caused the bond between the substrate and enzyme. The enzyme itself is in the secondary antibody provided in the control.

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thank you.. frankly, I ain't got enough time to write down all of the things, I'm sorry...
but I had added the full article into the dowloadable link (in indonesian). feel free to check that out...


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